Attention: drying seed bombs in the oven? Why that's not a good idea!

Have you ever thought about drying your homemade seed bombs in the oven to save time? At first glance this may seem like a practical solution, but unfortunately it's not a good idea. In this article you will learn why drying seed bombs in the oven does more harm than good to the seeds and how you can dry your seed bombs effectively and safely. Prepare yourself for some surprising facts and useful tips that will take your seed bombing experiences to a whole new level!

The risk of overheating

Most seeds in seed bombs are sensitive to high temperatures. A temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, which is the minimum setting in many ovens, may already be too high. This heat can affect the seeds' ability to germinate or even destroy them completely. Remember: Seeds are living organisms that require a specific environment to germinate.

The alternative: natural drying

The safest way to dry your seed bombs is to air dry naturally. When making the seed bombs, use only enough water to keep them moist but not wet. This not only prevents the drying time from taking too long, but also protects the seeds. Place the seed bombs in a warm, dry area with good air circulation. A sunny window sill or an airy room is perfect for this. Patience is the key here – it may take longer, but your seeds will thank you!

Drying seed bombs in the oven may sound tempting, but it's a method that does more harm than good. The natural drying method is slower, but it protects the delicate seeds and increases the chances of your seed bombs being successful. Remember: good things take time. So, be patient and look forward to watching your seed bombs grow into life-giving little miracles!