NO MOW MAY: Turn the lawn into an oasis for bees!

Why you should end the lawn madness in May Are you an environmental lover and want to make a positive contribution to species protection? Then “Mow-free May” is just right for you! This month is about giving our lawn mowers a well-deserved break and turning our lawn into a thriving bee oasis. While most people are busily mowing their lawns, we invite you to put an end to the lawn madness and let nature bloom in all its glory. Imagine the buzzing of bees and the chirping of birds in the air instead of the noise of the lawnmower. By avoiding mowing in May, you create a habitat for numerous insect species and promote species protection. Bees, butterflies and other pollinators rely on flowering plants to collect nectar and pollen. By allowing your lawn to bloom, you are actively helping to support their populations and preserve biodiversity.

Tips for a mowing-free May full of fun and nature experiences Now you're probably wondering how you can best implement "mow-free May". Here are some inspiring ideas to make the most of this month:

1. Welcome the wildflowers: Let nature take its course and watch wildflowers sprout in your garden. They add color and life to your lawn while providing food for bees and other pollinating insects.

2. Discover the diversity of the plant world: Use this month to familiarize yourself with different types of plants. Find out about native plants that thrive in your area and plant them in your garden or balcony. You will be amazed at how many fascinating plants you can discover.

3. Share your experiences: Use social media to get other people excited about your mowing-free adventure in May. Share photos of your blooming lawn, visiting insects, and positive environmental impact. Inspire others to do the same and make their own contribution to wildlife conservation.

By supporting “Mow-Free May”, you are making an important contribution to preserving biodiversity and promoting species protection. So leave the lawn mower behind, become part of this natural movement and make May a blooming paradise for bees and other pollinating insects!