Seed ball in cube

100% recyclable and fully customizable cube. Contains a seed ball made from an innovative clay mixture and wildflower mixture seeds


    • Minimum order quantity: Available from 100 pieces.
    • Customization: The 4 x 4 cm cube offers you the opportunity to design all six sides according to your wishes.

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Design your world – from 100 pieces!
At Seedbomb City, the creative revolution begins with just 100 individually designed seed balls in the cube. And if you have big plans, don't stress: We also rock orders of 20,000 or more!

Price overview from:

  • 100 pieces: €5.10 per piece
  • 250 pieces: €4.90 per piece
  • 500 pieces: €3.70 per piece
  • 1,000 pieces: €2.85 per piece
  • 2,000 pieces: €1.90 per piece
  • 3,000 pieces: €1.75 per piece
  • 5,000 pieces: €1.42 per piece
  • 10,000 pieces: €1.16 per piece

Questions? Bring it on!
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(All prices plus 19% VAT. Shipping within Germany included. Individual packaging units for an additional charge.)

◦ Print area 40 x 40 mm (on all 6 sides)
◦ Color: (Colorful CMYK)
◦ All sides of the cube printable
◦ Weighs 16 grams

Design: Your creative spark, our expert tips!

You have the vision, we have the tools. To ensure that your design shines on our products, we have created an uncomplicated guide for you. Under 'Your Downloads' at the top of this page you will find everything you need: precise templates and instructions. And to give your creativity a kickstart, check out our “Your Logo” template – a perfect starting point for your ideas. All elements in this design are freely usable for you.

The design of the print data is in your hands, but don't worry, we won't let you down. Before we start printing, we will check your files thoroughly for any errors and let you know if anything needs to be adjusted.

A few tips for smooth print data:

  • Color fidelity is king : Save your designs in CMYK to avoid color surprises.
  • Clear lines, no chaos : Convert all text to paths/curves so no fonts are missing.
  • The right format counts : We need your final files in PDF-X3 or PDF-X4 format
  • Better safe than sorry : Take the bleed into account to avoid unwanted white edges (so-called flash marks).

Yarrow, Adonis, corn radon, bishop's wort, chamomile, marigold, caraway, cornflower, meadow knapweed, Siberian gold lacquer, crown usurb, chicory, larkspur, hyacinth-flowered giants, coriander, dog's tongue, Echium viper's head, dragon's head, night violet, St. John's wort, candytuft, wild daisy, red flax , blue flax, alyssum, common horn trefoil, wild lupine, sea violet, fodder mallow, real chamomile, chamomile, night levkoje, black cumin, evening primrose, sainfoin seeds, corn poppy, wild poppy, real garden pimpinella, carnation catchfly

15 to 25 working days (from print release)

Create habitat for bees & butterflies

Each seed ball contains a variety of flower seeds. When they bloom, they provide food for butterflies, bees and other insects.

Flowers after just 6 weeks

We use an innovative process when rolling our seed balls. This guarantees rich flowers.

Local and social production

We produce in and around Berlin. This means that transport routes are short and that is good for the climate. In addition, the packaging takes place in a workshop for people with disabilities.

Sustainable promotional gifts

In keeping with the “Zero Waste” idea, nothing remains of our gifts except floral fun. The seed bombs consist of clay, soil and seeds and gradually dissolve when watered or rained.

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