Seedpills – Blue Perennial

A delicate touch of sky blue on beautiful summer days. The seed pills contain seeds of the blue flax, which blooms from June to August. Its numerous flowers are popular with bees and bumblebees.
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With the Blue Perennial from Seedbomb City you can transform your garden into an oasis of peace and beauty. This magical herb impresses with its intense blue flowers, which are not only eye-catching, but also offer a paradise for bees and butterflies.

Easy sowing, abundant flowering

You don't need a green thumb to let the blue perennial thrive. Simply scatter the seeds in the soil, water regularly and your garden will soon shine in a sea of ​​blue. Whether in full sun or partial shade, the perennial is undemanding and rewards you with a long flowering period.

A symbol of sustainability

With every blue perennial you set an example for sustainability and closeness to nature. This plant is not only a feast for the eyes, but also actively supports the ecological balance of your garden. It provides food and habitat for beneficial insects and thus contributes to a healthy environment.

Your contribution to the green city

Growing blue flax is more than gardening – it is a statement for a greener, more sustainable city. Get inspired and become part of our mission to transform urban spaces into thriving oases.

Create habitat for bees & butterflies

Our Seedpill contains the seeds of the Blue Perennial. When they bloom, they provide food for butterflies, bees and other insects.

Flower fun even without a green thumb!

Our seed pills work very simply: place them on sufficient soil, water them regularly, wait about 6 weeks - be happy about the blooming results!

Local and social production

We produce and assemble in and around Berlin - together with committed partners such as a workshop for people with disabilities. Close contact and short distances guarantee smooth supply chains - and are good for the climate.

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