Seedpills – poppy landscape

Bright red all summer long. The seed pills contain seeds of the corn poppy, which blooms from May to August. As a pioneer plant, the corn poppy is always among the first when it comes to colonizing barren areas.
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With the corn poppies from Seedbomb City you can bring a piece of wild nature into your garden. This charismatic wildflower classic, known for its bright red flowers, is not only a visual highlight, but also a valuable contribution to preserving biodiversity.

Effortless sowing, impressive flowers

The corn poppy is a real survivor and thrives almost everywhere. Simply spread the seeds, water occasionally, and soon your garden will be filled with a red reminiscent of poppy fields. The corn poppy is particularly easy to care for and blooms even in less fertile soils.

A symbol of peace and remembrance

The corn poppy is more than just a pretty flower. It is a living symbol of peace and remembrance and has deep cultural significance. With every plant we honor nature and commemorate the past.

A paradise for bees and butterflies

The corn poppy is not only a joy for the human eye. It is an important food source for bees, butterflies and other insects. By growing corn poppies, you are making a valuable contribution to the conservation of these important pollinators.

Create habitat for bees & butterflies

Our seed pill contains corn poppy seeds. When they bloom, they provide food for butterflies, bees and other insects.

Flower fun even without a green thumb!

Our seed pills work very simply: place them on sufficient soil, water them regularly, wait about 6 weeks - be happy about the blooming results!

Local and social production

We produce and assemble in and around Berlin - together with committed partners such as a workshop for people with disabilities. Close contact and short distances guarantee smooth supply chains - and are good for the climate.

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